Accreditation to news conference of President of Russia Vladimir Putin

The Presidential Press and Information Office’s Department of Accreditation and Briefings would like to announce that accreditation requests from journalists are no longer accepted.

Additional information

The submission of an accreditation request does not automatically guarantee that accreditation will be granted. Each request is considered individually and accreditation can be denied.

The site will publish information on the news conference venue and procedures for journalists' work.

Accredited journalists will also be notified by e-mail.

Contact telephone numbers: +7(495) 606-3859, 606-3063, 606-5017.


For the Media’s attention

We request that in the conference hall and adjacent areas you do not use wireless microphones and other wireless devices that may cause interference with the equipment of VGTRK broadcasting company, which is broadcasting the event live for Russian and foreign television channels.

If you need to record material for broadcasts from the hall and adjacent areas, we request that you use corded microphones only.